Wed 22 May 2019 13:54

DON'T worry if you are new to the game of rugby, the laws of the game are easy to pick up and with only a basic understanding you can enjoy the many facets of rugby. There are lots of people who have been playing for years who still do not know the laws but it hasn't stopped them enjoying rugby. Through structured coaching sessions, you will be taught the skills you need to develop your game. Through fixtures with other clubs you will also be given the opportunity to put those skills into practise. If you have any specific questions about rugby and/or the training sessions please feel free to ask the particular coach for your team. If you would like to observe a junior or mini training session you are very welcome to do so but we would ask that you notify one of the club coaches when you arrive for the safety of all of the children present. Rugby is very much a game with a position for everyone, irrespective of height, weight, size, gender or ability. Rugby provides people not only with opportunities to improve your fitness and health but also fantastic social opportunities. Rugby really is a game for everyone.